Shirk In The Naqshabandi Sufi Tareeqah

Shirk In The Naqshabandi Sufi Tareeqah

The article, "Meded - Asking Support From Grandsheikh", contains several jaahilee concepts, among which:

- Du`aa to Allah to derive from the Grandsheikh (Ad-Daghistani) from his spiritual care even from the grave.

- "We derive our spiritual power from his heart center."

- "the breaths of Allah¹s Saints give life to their followers, to their spiritual sons and daughters."

- "The real Grandsheikh always keeps a watchful eye on his followers" [even if passed away]

- Claim that to stand firmly in the face of our enemies: the lower self, Satan, vain desires and worldliness, "we need his support," and that "without such a strong support a person will be vanquished."

- Their saying, "Therefore, we seek our Grandsheikh¹s support by saying: "Meded Ya Sayyidi", "Support, oh my Master." "You must call upon your Grandsheikh in such a manner when you are in need of support, then that support may reach you."

- Their claim that guidance reaches to our hearts through the Saints.

- Their saying, "you must look for the support of the Saints in a Universe in which you are totally weak."

This article is useful for explaining how some people fall in shirk in all aspects of Tauheed.

Shirk in Tauheed ur-Ruboobeeyah:

Their claim that the Grandsheikh can bring good fortune or remove calamities; he can govern the affairs of this world and he is believed to have power and influence besides Allaah, or that Allaah creates creations that can cause harm and benefit to His creatures. The Grandsheikh is one upon whom we are dependent for guidance and spiritual strength.

Shirk in Tauheed ul-`Ibaadah:

Directing one¹s acts of worship, such as du`aa (supplication), seeking help, tawakkul (trust and reliance), and hope for good fortune to other than Allaah.

Shirk in Tauheed ul-Asmaa'i was-Sifaat:

Attributing divine power to Allaah¹s creation. Attributing to man the power to keep a watchful eye on his followers, whether alive or dead, the power and ability of guiding people¹s hearts that belongs to Allah alone, and ability to answer prayers of Allaah¹s creation and provide them with aid.


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